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How to Secure Wi-Fi Device

Hi there welcome to another post of The Black Web based on How to secure your Wi-Fi with simple settings. Its very important to secure your home network. There are very simple steps that made easy to secure Wi-Fi. Safer Network will secure your Personal assets and online payments.

An attacker can use your home network and they can harm your personal asset so securing network is so important applying these simple setting can secure your personal information.

Go to your web browser and type in “” in Address bar or any other IP address mentioned on the backside of Wi-Fi router so you can access the settings of WIFI router. The Wi-Fi login page opened from there, enter your proper username and password to access the main settings. You can find your username and password in your router’s user manual . Some routers also have their manual available on Google.

Create a strong password so that no one can guess, do not keep default and easy password to log into Router settings. Change you password frequently once in a week. Do not add more than one login user in the settings.

Change your Network SSID that users can know that its not public network or default network, and that it might be secure. Don’t keep your family names, phone numbers or home addresses as your SSID names. For securing Wi-Fi some users hide their Network SSID so that the Router cannot broadcast the Network SSID and if the user wants to connect that wifi they should enter manually enter the SSID.

It is the most important task to do in a Network. There are many type of Encryption protocols Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), and Wi-Fi Protected Access Version 2 (WPA2). In the newest routers, WPA2 is the most secure one, and WEP the least secure. Choose your encryption accordingly.

An in-built Address that identifies your device differently in the world. MAC address are non-identical also called Physical address. Every Device that supports networking or involve in data sharing across network identified by its MAC Address.

MAC address is an inbuilt address burned in a chip. It is similar to an IP address, but IP address are 32 bit long and MAC addresses are 48 Bit long, IP address can be change accordingly and the MAC address are fixed . In Router settings you can filter the MAC Address to which you want to permit to access network and which address you want to block.

This is the interesting task to do that simply put the Wi-Fi router in cupboard, box or in wardrobe or simply wrap the foil paper around the antenna’s. Similarly, you can also change your Wi-Fi router’s mode to 802.11g instead of any other mode.

This is also important task to update your Wi-Fi firmware with new updates, from new updates you can get new security updates for your router. Check your current firmware version by visiting “” and also check its updates.

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