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BharOS the upcoming Mobile operating system for Indian users.

Hi The Black Web members and Tech Lover, here’s an all new update that makes India proud. This is a great innovation in the field of technology. The new and upcoming Operating System to replace the Google based Android Operating System. Here I’m going to introduce the new BharOS. 

BharOS is a new and upcoming operating system, created by IIT Madras incubated firm JandK Operations Limited, BharOS is an operating system based on a Linux kernel, V Kamakoti, director of IIT Madras. “We have used some early versions of Linux — it’s basically a derivative of the Linux kernel. 

BharOS comes from the Indian word Bharat, meaning India. BharOS is based on the Linux operating system, but is also similar to Apple’s iOS. BharOS is a mobile-centric operating system and is designed for the Indian Users fully focused on Users Privacy.

Google Android vs BharOS

BharOS is based on Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) and is similar to Google Android. However, it does not come with preloaded apps with Google services like Google Play Services, Youtube, Chrome, Gmail etc like in regular Google powered Android smartphones. So BharOS users are free to download any apps they like to prefer rather than being forced. Android phones with stock Google based OS usually have Chrome Browser set up as default. BharOS makers are looking to partner with DuckDuckGo for its default browser app in the .

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused browser with several privacy-centric features like anonymous browsing mode and Privacy Grade.


Native OTA Updates:

BharOS would offer Native Over the Air (NOTA) updates, meaning that security updates or patches and bug fixes will be automatically installed rather than users having to check manually for the updates and implementing them.

No Default Apps:

No Default Apps (NDA) setting, means that users do not have to keep or use pre-installed apps in this mobile operating system and Bloatware are there. No Bloatware apps means no background app activities that led to fast draining battery and security issues. Going with an NDA setting means that the BharOS was intentionally designed to let users have more and clear control over the apps on their mobile phones based on the user’s trust based on users interests. 

App Store 

In a regular Google powered smartphone you can download any apps from the Google Play Store by default and it is pre-installed. But in BharOS it will use a Private App Store Services (PASS), which will examine and filter the apps that are safe for the users. Users will be able to use other apps, as long as they meet BharOS’ PASS standards.

User Privacy

Yes, If we talk about privacy then why do we compromise with our precious data. As you know that all our Browsing history, Contacts, Locations, Photos, Important Data and even Banking information like Credit card, Debit card details are stored on google and also not fully private. But in Case of BharOS your data and other important files are fully secured and private as per its features. The BharOS comes with privacy and data security. 


The project aims to reduce the dependence on Google Android OS in smartphones and promote the use of locally developed technology. It is a huge step forward to use Make in India products. This innovation makes India independent on foreign OS. 

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