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How to detect fake app on Google Play store that may affect your privacy

Detect fake apps on Google Play store that can steal your personal data and may affect your privacy. These fake apps may affect your device. Read How.

Hello, everyone, I’m Neeraj Punta from The Black Web today I’m discussing with you about the fake app that can steal your data and sensitive information because they have some malicious code configured on the app that can attack your personal data and steal them. Often malicious apps of dropper category on official ‘Google Play Store’ had detected by Quick heal Security Lab, Norton lab, etc. But still, 100+ malicious apps are still present on Google Play store.

These apps have already been removed from the Google Play Store after reported by Quick Heal Security Lab. These apps continuously show the installation prompt for fakeGoogle Play Store’. If any user accidentally clicks and installs the fake ‘Google Play Store’ app, then his device gets infected by an Adware.

On launching that app, it displays some stored wallpaper and after that, it hides its icon from the app menu. So the user will not be able to identify the app easily which app is showing the advertisements.

fake apps

How to check whether a fake app like Google Play Store is installed on your phone.

  • Go to Settings of your Smartphone
  • Select Apps & notifications or Apps Manager or Installed Apps. Depending upon Phone Manufacturer and Model.
  • Search, locate, and identify the fake app like Google Play Store.

Genuine and original Google Play Store app can never be uninstalled by normal users it is pre-installed on any android phone and it has only the option to disable or force stop it. If such a Google Play Store app is found on your phone which shows an uninstall option, you should uninstall it immediately.

How to stay safe from fake apps

  • Check an app’s description before you download it.
  • Check the app developer’s name and their website. If the name sounds strange or odd, you have all the reasons to suspect it and avoid installation.
  • [IMPORTANT] Go through the reviews and ratings of the app and read all opinions of the users. But, note that these can also be faked.
  • Avoid downloading apps from third-party app stores.
  • Use a reliable mobile antivirus that can prevent malicious and fake apps from getting installed on your phone.
  • Enable Play Protect from Google Play store and only install those apps which are scanned and verified by Google Play protect.

The fake app the ‘Google Play Store’ remains in the device even after its parent app is uninstalled and it keeps on displaying full screen adds at random time intervals. These Apps were published by the same developer who develops these apps which is in the Car Racing game category name ‘AFAD Drift Racer’. All these apps are from the Car Racing Game Category.

Sometimes these Fake apps may slow down your device performance because it consumes a lot of CPU power that drains your smartphone battery. If you install any type of app you have to look after sometimes about that app how much data consumes it, how much storage is used by the app, what kind of permission is used by that app. If any suspicious activity or unwanted activity is noticed, check firstly is there is any new update of the app is available or not and immediately remove the app and also remove its installation / additional file which is found in the Android folder. Regularly run the phone inbuilt booster app to clean junks and stop backend app that uses a lot of power and other phone resources.

Always install apps from the app store to avoid these type of problems, Do not install any app which is not related to your interest. Beware of installing fake apps and keep your data protected.

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