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Indian Govt banned 59 Chinese apps but why PUBG and Zoom app not: Here’s the reason

As you know that Indian Govt banned 59 Chinese apps from the Indian smartphone market. But some apps like PUBG and Zoom app not banned because of some reason. Hello, everyone I am Neeraj Punta from The Black Web to presenting an article about PUBG & Zoom is not banned.

59 Famous Chinese apps including Tiktok and Likee were banned by the Indian government and the national security threat posed by the app was cited as the reason for the ban.
However, PUBG and Zoom app are become trending on Twitter after the ban of the Chinese app.

People started asking questions on Twitter, why PUBG and Zoom app were not banned among these 59 Chinese apps. In such a situation, we are telling why PUBG and Zoom video conferencing app was not banned, which the Government of India itself advised not to use.

PUBG is not a Chinese, but a South Korean online video game. It is made by Battleground, a subsidiary of BlueWhale. The game was initially created by Brendan, who was influenced by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royal. Talking about the Chinese connection, the Chinese government initially refused to allow the PUBG game in China.

But it was later introduced in China with the help of China’s largest video game publisher Tencent. In return, the Chinese Tencent Company had to be given a stake in PUBG. Only then did PUBG get permission from the Chinese government. It was introduced in China under the name of Game of peace. The same game is marketed and distributed by Kakao Games in South Korea.

Zoom Communication is an American company. Its headquarters are in San Jose, California. The company’s large workforce operates in China, which has recently been questioned about surveillance and censorship. The video conferencing app became quite popular during the lockdown. During this time, questions were raised about data security. However, now the company is claiming improvement in it. Read The Post

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