4 useful apps on Google Play store

4 useful apps on Google Play store

Hello BlackWeb lovers, welcome to our new post that is really beneficial for you. The four useful apps available on Google Play Store that are really useful for you. We must recommend to every android smartphone user to use these apps. These Android apps are hidden from user knowledge but these apps are very beneficial to you. You must have downloaded these. First of all let us introduce to these apps why these are so cool.

4 Useful apps on Google Play store and App Store

  1. Track-Email Tracking

  2. Personal DNS Filter

  3. Terabox

  4. Access Dots

4 useful apps on Google Play store

With this app you can Track Email. It also works well with Windows PC, Android Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone & Mac. It works well with Email apps like Gmail, Android Email. It has a 7 day trial after which you have to use Premium Membership. You can use it for free but with limited  features. This app is fully compatible with popular productivity apps, including MailTrack, Newton Mail, Rapportive, Sidekick Hubspot Sales, Boomerang, Yesware, Streak CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dropbox extensions.

Are you irritated with in-App Ad? You are working with your app or game and the ads are disturbing you again and again. This app will help you a lot just install personalDNSfilter is a DNS filter app for Android. It hooks into the domain name (DNS) resolution and blocks access to filtered hosts.

It can be used for filtering any unwanted hosts which are related to malware, phishing, tracking and more based on a host list. It can be used as effective malware, tracking and ad server filters without root access! personalDNSfilter is also a DNS changer app, you can set any upstream DNS server you trust.

It also supports encrypted DNS servers via DoH (DNS over HTTPS) and DoT (DNS over TLS). personalDNSfilter is not a real VPN – it does not hide your IP and does not cloak your location With personalDNSfilter it’s not possible to block YouTube and Facebook ads (and other first party ads). Please use alternative platform clients

Terabox App is an amazing app to store files. Data backup and file sharing is now easy with free 1TB Storage. A free cloud secure storage offers 1024 MB of free online storage that you can upload multiple types of files having multiple Privacy Protection and sharing files privately. TeraBox is available for Android, IoS, Windows and Linux.

Which Apps are using your smartphone Camera and Microphone without your knowledge. For this kind of happening you can use the Access Dots app that enables which app is using camera and microphone. Access dots gives you an option of different styles of Dots, Bar or in Pilled Shaped alerts. You can even further customize the color, size and position of the alerts on your screen, resulting in a total of up to 432 unique possible styles!

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