Microsoft Team

What is Microsoft Team why it is preferred over Zoom App

Microsoft released the team app on 9th October 2019 for Mac and Window after that Microsoft team is also released for Android on 30th October 2019. Microsoft Team is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines chats, Video conferencing, File sharing, File storage on cloud and application integration. It is only possible when your company having an active Office 365 suite subscription. Microsoft team is a competitor of services that provides these features like Slack.

If your workplace having Office 365 subscription, then you already have access to Microsoft Teams with these top-notch features like chat, video conferencing and audio calls. The workplace also integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office apps for seamless presenting and file sharing with everybody. The app has a similar feature of Slack app like you can talk, chat with your team members privately or in a specific department or group.

Microsoft Team

With Microsoft Team you can do video conferencing with 250 people simultaneously, or stream this live up to 10,000 people. It includes Sharing, inviting and joining meetings. Meetings can be scheduled in the Microsoft Teams app through Outlook.

Microsoft team is preferred over Zoom App because it has many privacy issues. Recently Security agencies have been alerted to the use of zoom video conferencing app. The National Cybersecurity agency has called for cyber risk and The Computer Emergency Response Team in India and The National Cyber Security Agency also warned to use this app because it has privacy issues it can misuse the data of the government and corporate offices by cyber-attack on data.

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